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James Barnett, Owner of Personal Injury Leicester

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James Barnett is the owner of Personal Injury Leicester.

Tell us about your history in the field of personal injury.
Thanks for the letting me be interviewed, I really do appreciate it! So, I knew I wanted to work in law, so ended up going to university in London and doing a law degree.  After graduating I decided I would set up business in helping lawyers make more business online. 

So for example, the website is purely developed to bring in business and leads into our personal injury solicitors in Leicester.  My success if built on matching my online marketing expertise with my background in law and personal injury claims.

What first got you interested in personal injury?
For me it started in my teens.  My father was a personal injury solicitor, and so it was a case of not quite following in his footsteps, but he definitely influenced me. 

I wanted to work in a law environment where I could help the average man or woman on the street – personal injury and accident claims lets you do that.

Can you explain Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester’s No Win No Fee policy?
Of course, at Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester we believe that everyone should be able to get access to the legal system, and more importantly justice.  Lawyers and solicitors can be very expensive, so by working on a no win no fee arrangement it means our clients don’t have to pay any upfront fees, and our no win no fee solicitors only get paid if they are successful.
Information on the process can be seen on:

Describe what the process is like for a personal injury victim’s first communication with Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester.
They call us and one of our accident claims specialists will answer the phone.  We will ask them a few simple questions about their accident or injury in order to qualify it.  If we believe that they do indeed have a personal injury claim and live and work in the Leicester area, we will then arrange an appointment with one of our personal injury solicitors.
What steps has Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester made to make accident injury claims simple?
Our personal injury solicitors are really approachable, don’t talk in over-complicated legal speak, and are compassionate.  Put all those things together and it makes everything so much easier for someone wanting to make a personal injury claim.

Talking with solicitors and lawyers can be a daunting thought for most people – we won’t want that to ever be the case.
What do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about filing a claim for personal injury cases?
I think a lot of people think that personal injury solicitors are all out to make a quick buck.  Of course, we need to be profitable as a business, but we only ever take on those personal injury claims which we believe are genuine and won’t work with anyone that we think are trying to make a fraudulent claim.
Why should someone choose Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester for accident claims advice?
We make it quick and easy…

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