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AJ McKinney & David Gunter, Carpet Cleaning Experts

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AJ McKinney and David Gunter are co-owners of Brighter Image Carpet Care, a company that does carpet cleaning in Fayetteville, NC.
Tell us a bit about Brighter Image Carpet Care.
We are a veteran owned and family operated company that has proudly served Fayetteville, NC and surrounding areas since 1987. Our services include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and water damage restoration. Brighter Image Carpet Care was founded under the principle of providing a quality service with exceptional results and the best customer service around.

What should people do to ensure their carpet looks great and lasts a long time?
The #1  thing we tell our customers is to vacuum regularly. If you have a family with small children and pets we highly recommend vacuuming 4 to 5 times per week. Dry soil that accumulates over time will actually damage carpet fibers and give it the dull worn out appearance. We also advise staying away from store bought cleaners as these chemicals can sometimes make a spot on your carpet worse than if you just left it alone. You can easily find homemade recipes online for spot treating that will work much better.

How often should people have their carpet professionally cleaned?
Everyone’s living situation is different. A family with pets and children will need their carpet cleaned more frequent then a single person with no pets or children. We recommend at a minimum, at least once per year. If you have pets that have accidents then you would need to have your carpets professional cleaned and treated for pet urine more frequently. The EPA has put out the following guidelines:

-2 Person Household (Non-smoking): Carpets should be cleaned at least annually.

-2 Person Household (Smoking): Carpets should be cleaned at least three times a year.

-Family w/ Small Children: Carpets should be cleaned twice a year.

-Family w/ Small Children and Pets: Carpets should be cleaned at least three times a year, preferably four.

A common issue a lot of people face is they get a spot on their carpet, for example, from spilled wine. How should people deal with these spot stains? Is there anything they should avoid doing?
The most common mistake most people try and do which only makes the spot worse is scrubbing. Not only are you pushing the spot deeper into the carpet fibers and also the padding, you are also damaging the carpet fibers in the process. Having a shop vac on hand will work wonders when removing something that is spilled on the carpet. Soak up what you can with a plain white towel. Apply a carpet spot treatment and then extract with the shop vac. The problem with this is that sometimes people use the wrong type of cleaning solution for spills. Some household cleaners contain bleach and other harsh chemicals that can actually permanently discolor the carpet. Make sure to always read the label of the product you are using and be sure to test an area first. We recommend testing the product in a closet.

carpet cleaning fayetteville nc, brighter image carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning by Brighter Image Carpet Care, Fayetteville, NC.

What methods do you use when cleaning carpets?
Our method of cleaning is hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning.

Should people vacuum before getting their carpet professionally cleaned?
Removing dry bonded soil is the most important step of the cleaning process. If you are unable to vacuum the service technician with our company can certainly provide this service for our customers. Be sure to ask the carpet cleaning company you plan on hiring if they offer this service. A lot of companies these days do not carry a vacuum on their truck. Think of it like this…if you go outside and pour water on the dirt, what happens? It turns to mud right? The same thing will happen on your carpet if a thorough vacuuming is not completed.

How should people address pet stains in their carpet?
Stay away from anything that has ammonia in it. The ammonia will actually attract your pet back to the same spot. A shop vac  with vinegar and water would do the trick or you can purchase a product called Natures Miracle from your local pet store. The most important thing to do when dealing with pet stains is act QUICKLY.

What is carpet protection? How effective is it?
Carpet protection when applied properly creates a barrier around your carpet fibers. If something is spilled the carpet protectant will repel it not allowing it to be absorbed into the carpet fibers. It also makes cleaning up spills a breeze.

Brighter Image also cleans upholstery. How should someone test his or her furniture to see if it needs professional cleaning?
The easiest way to do this is to take your vacuum with the hose detached….place a cloth or napkin over the end of the hose where the suction is and slowly vacuum over your cushions and arm rests. After a few passes remove the cloth and see how much dirt you have pulled up. If you have never had your furniture professionally cleaned you will be amazed out how much residue will show up…especially if you do not frequently vacuum your furniture. Depending on your findings after doing this test will determine if you should have your upholstery professionally cleaned. You can perform this same test on your mattresses as well.

What techniques do you use on cleaning furniture?
The process we use for carpet cleaning is the same for upholstery cleaning. It is a hot water extraction process but we use different tools and the pressure during the cleaning process is much lower to prevent over wetting. The steps are exactly the same but the drying time is much quicker.

If someone’s interested in learning more about Brighter Image Carpet Care, how do they get in contact with you?
You can visit us at or send us an email with any questions or concerns you may have at
Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you for having us!

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