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Nefretiti A. Morant, Author of Across the Sands

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Nefretiti A. Morant is the author the historical fiction novel Across the Sands.

What inspired you to write Across The Sands?
I've always been a big fan of historical fiction and costume dramas. Shows like Master Piece Theater, Downtown Abbey, The Tudors, anything set in the past with drama, scandal and a love twist woven in.   I was motivated to write Across The Sands because while watching theses type of shows or movies in this genre, I would be annoyed that the only characters of color (if any) were either flat, lifeless, or enslaved persons.

But why the 14th century, and why Africa?
I wanted to write a story set in a time when Africans were known in the world as affluent, regal and proud.  Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage was infamous for putting Mali on the mid-evil world's map.  For centuries his name and Mali were synonymous with wealth, power and generosity. To this day he is still the richest man in history.  That’s why I chose 14th century Mali.

Tell us about the characters in Across The Sands.
The main character Awa Camara is the daughter of one of Mali's wealthiest families.  Her father Seydou Camara is a wealthy salt merchant. In 14th century Mali salt held as much value if not more that gold.  Seydou has three very different children.  Mahmaudou the eldest and only son is expected to follow in his father's footsteps.  But Mahmaudou wants to be a priest and study at Mali's Sankore University.  Awa the middle child and main character has been betrothed to Mansa Musa's son Maghan.  Awa does not want to marry Maghan, or anyone else for that matter.  Since she was a child she's desired one thing and one thing alone; to explore the world while traveling on a caravan.  But of course this is unconventional and  dismissed as foolish childhood fantasy.  Now the youngest daughter Sira is  known for her primness and beauty and wants nothing more than to marry a rich man.  In Across The Sands you will meet these three as well as a colorful array of characters from Mali's various social classes.  I'm really excited about the release of this book.

How long have you been writing?
I started writing poetry when I was a teenager.  In my early twenties I toyed with characters in short stories, but I never thought about publishing any if them.  It wasn't until about three years ago that I decided to do something with the poems and character sketches I had crammed into my nightstand drawer.  I decided to start a poetry blog which is now the showcase for all of my publications.  And to tell you the truth I wasn't sure if I could write a book, but after a few months of starting my poetry blog I decided to try.  I mean I new nothing about starting a website or a blog, but I had done it.  So I figured why try writing a book.  I began working on Perspectives and lets just say it been a rewarding journey.

What are the rewards as you put it?
Well I'd have to say that the reward comes from a satisfaction of achieving something that I value highly. Before I even wrote my first poem, I was a reading fanatic.  As a child, teen and young adult I would lose myself in the words of authors like Mildred D. Taylor, Toni Morrison and Walter Mosley.  Their works would ignite my imagination.  I've always respected the magic of words on paper and how they have the ability to create vivid pictures in your mind.  In that aspect I find being a writer rewarding.  To be a part of creating that type magic as you would.  That's probably why  now that I've started I can't stop.

How many books have you written and what are they generally about?
Across The Sands is my ninth novel.  I also have a book of poetry.   My books are about people who learn and grow as they move through the journey of life.  Everyone has a story, and our stories make up the fabric of our society.   Through my works I'm telling the story of the human experience.   Everyday and through every experience and circumstance we change, we grow and we learn something about ourselves and what we are capable of.  I dedicated to that message.  You know the saying; The journey defines the destination.

Nine novels, three years, do you ever get writers block, and if so what do you do?
I'm sure all writers do, but once I get get stuck in a particular story and lets say I'm stuck for more than a few days, I'll put it down and start another book.  I actually stopped and started Across The Sands three times over the course of two years.  If I get stuck, and don't know where to go next,  I'll just stop and start working one something else.

So what's next?
To tell you the truth, I'm not sure.  I've been working on a sci-fi novel off and on.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to dive into that or if I should do another historical fiction piece.  I really enjoyed writing "Across The Sands" and I am tempted to do a few more historically fictional works.  I guess my fans will have to wait and see.

How do you juggle it all, being a wife, mother, employee, and author?
I get asked this often and sometimes I'm not even sure how I do it.  I just make the time for writing, even if it means waking up at 4:30 am everyday.  I think when you’re passionate about something, I mean really passionate about it, you can't not feed that passion.  It lingers, whispering at the very core of everything you think, see and do.  That's how writing is for me.   I can't not write, it's just such a big part of who I've become.

What do you hope to achieve through your writing?
I want to touch people with my writing, and not only my writing, but my whole experience.  I hope that one day when I'm a best selling author, sitting on a beach working on my next master piece,  there'll be someone somewhere who looks at my dedication and perseverance and say's; if she can do it I can too.  I want my journey to serve as an inspiration of how anything is possible if you're willing to work hard and believe you deserve it.

What tips or words of encouragement do you have for other writers who are just starting out.
Be persistent. It's so important in the self publishing indie industry.  Marketing, and making your book stand out at a time when writing and publishing is virtually at everyone's fingertips is no easy feat.  But those who are not willing to go the distance will drop out of the race early on.  If writing is truly your passion, just keep at it.  Like everything else in life, with time, dedication and perseverance you'll find yourself crossing the finish line.

Watch the Across the Sands Book Trailer:

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Cut Dog Music, Rap/Hip-Hop Group

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Today we are interviewing CUT DOG MUSIC, a passionate new rap group.

Tell us a bit about how Cut Dog Music got started.
CDM was started about 4 years ago. At first we just wanted to make music for fun. Our producer had been making beats for a long time so we always had beats to rap to. We all were in college at the time so any free time we had we would link up and make music. The group started with 3 of us originally but as time went on we discovered that our other friends could rap as well.

What are CDM’s influences?
I say this all the time but we really inspire and influence each other. Everyday and not just in music. We are like a family so we always think about each others opinion and try to incorporate each others swag into every song.

What is the process of working on a track like for CDM?

The overall process isn’t a long one. Basically we find a beat and kill it. Who ever comes up with the dopest hook first gets the hook. And writing verses are nothing, sometime we freestyle verses.

Do CDM members produce their own music or does CDM work with an outside producer?
We do have our own producer but until we break into the industry fully we are working with outside producers. And we are always looking for new sounds.

What does CDM hope to accomplish with their music?
We really want to travel and reach different parts of the world. Reaching the Billboards wouldn’t be too bad either but we are just taking it one track at a time and really saying humble.

Where can people find out more about CDM?
They check our website which will be updated every step. ( CUTDOGMUSIC.COM ) Or our Twitter and Instagram ( @cutdogmusic ) but everything is linked to our website so that should be easy.

What’s next for CDM?
We have about 100 unreleased tracks ready to go so we are going to wait until the dust settles from this album and then release another project to keep our name out there .

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Yes. Go to and Check out the new self titled album by the newest group to hit the scene CDM. If you like it go get it at all digital media outlets. Thanks for your time

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Julianne Smith-Devereaux, Author of I GOT OUT ALIVE!

Brotherhood, Illuminati, secret society, Bohemian Grove, Got, Out, Alive, Julianne, Smith-Devereaux, Editions Dedicaces, One, Woman, Journey, Outside, America, Most, Dangerous, Cult,

Today we are interviewing Julianne Smith-Devereaux about her non-fiction book, "I Got Out Alive! One Woman's Journey Outside of America's Most Dangerous Cult, The Illuminati."

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Well, I was born in Hollywood, California and I am 48, soon to be 49 years old this year. I am married and have a 15 year old son and live outside of California at this time. I obviously cannot tell you where, because of 'Them'.

Describe your book in a few sentences.
It is Non-Fiction, everything that is written in this book happened. Period. Nothing is made up for the reader to be more 'interested', 'scared' or just for 'shock value'.

Who do you think would most appreciate this book?

I think anyone would enjoy this book. Especially anyone who has children, Pastors, Church goers and young adults. To be informed that these 'People' DO exist, The Illuminati are NOT a 'myth' and that they LOVE to recruit young adult's to do their 'less-important deed's'. Such as young people on College campus', Summer Camp's for specific undertakings like Football camp, Cheerleading Camp, any sport's camp's, really. Even Church camps. Mainly Christian Church camps because they are the 'opposite' side of the coin, so to speak. It gives them great joy to recruit Christians into the Fold, or Organization.

I Got Out Alive! One Woman's Journey Outside of America's Most Dangerous Cult, The Illuminati
Author Julianne Smith-Devereaux.
What inspired you to write down the story of your escape from the cult?
I really wanted to tell my story for a very long time. I kept getting thwarted because of my father being around me almost 24/7. So, obviously, I couldn't write it then. Plus I was also worried that the people who did indeed read it, wouldn't take me seriously, think that I was just some 'whack-job' or made this up just to get attention. Stupid, stupid reason's. I finally HAD to warn parent's, and to tell people in general, that these Sick, Sick, People, like I have said before, do exist. They are everywhere. Not just in one area of the United States. But, literally, everywhere. Mainly the recruiter's. The Member's of this group, we used to call them 'They', (probably still do), basically live all over the world. 'They' would have meetings, twice a year, usually in Europe. At a different location everytime as well. To keep their meeting location's secret of course. Sometimes at The Bohemian Grove. Also a place that I have been too.  

Your father was an important member of the cult you were raised in. Describe your father for us. Would outsider suspect he was in a cult?

Well, he still is the 'Head' of this Organization. He was recruited by his father as well. My father is a cold man, never shows his emotions, very domineering, no one in his employ would question a thing that he told them to do. Because they knew what the consequences would be. Right now he is in his early 60's. He looks like he is in his 40's. Long black hair. Almost down past his hips. He 'fell' for me, I am going by what he actually told me here, because of my brain, my 'looks', and I guess he felt that he could trust me. When I was little, like every young girl, I worshiped him. I worshipped the ground he walked on. And whatever he told me to do, I did. Just to make him happy. As far as people suspecting that he was 'in' a Cult? No way. They would think he was a European or someone not born in this Country. Probably because of his long hair. He looks almost Greek or Middle Eastern. And he is Middle Eastern. Syrian. So, I am half Syrian. And I sure as hell don't look Syrian.    

What do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about cults in America?
The only thing that I've heard from other people regarding or about Cult's is negative things. And they are true. So, in answer to your question, I don't think they have any misconceptions at all. To me, now that I know a lot about Cult's, they are all pretty bad, evil or 'negative' in their beliefs.

You were indoctrinated from an early age. At what point did you start to question what your father and his bodyguard was telling you?
At around 11 years old. At that time I started to wonder why I was told to assasinate people that I didn't even know. I didn't, or, rather, wasn't told what they had done to deserve it. At 11, that was as far as my thought's went. It wasn't until I was in my early twenties that I realized that not every girl or woman slept with their father and wasn't treated as a 'wife' figure to their father, either. He kept me pretty segregated from other girls my age, so I wasn't having sleep-overs, watching how their families interacted either. So I never had anyone to compare it to. 

Part of your indoctrination was to be trained as an assassin. Can you tell us a bit about your training?

Yes, that was part of it. Probably the last part of my training. I remember I was always practicing shooting. I started my training before I was even a year old. My father would take me from the maid, right after a bath, and he would be completely naked, except for a towel wrapped around his waist. He hadn't taken a shower or anything, so he still had 'the day's' smell on him, his cologne smell, his own body smell on him. Things or smell's like that. Anyhow, he would take me and lay on his bed, on his back and lay me on his chest. While I was laying on his chest, he would talk to me in a soothing voice. Saying the same things over and over. Never changing the tone of his voice. He did this every day, after work, until I was 3 years old.

I am assuming, so I would get used to his 'smell' and his 'calming' voice. He wanted me all to himself. I figured that out when I was around 4 years old. I am pretty sure that he wanted me to, no matter what, think that he was the one I could trust. The only one I could run too when 'in trouble' or scared. Things like that. And I did. For many years. That was the very first part of my training. I don't know the order of it all. But I do know sensory deprivation was part of it. I was placed inside of an all white room with nothing inside of it. Nothing. Just me. At first They would play extremely loud music. Like hard, hard rock. Loud crap. Not even what I would call music. They would play that for two day's straight. Then, at some point, they would shut it off. I would have, I thought, silence for at least a day or so. Or be able to leave the room. After about 20 minutes? And that is just a guess because my ear's were just all screwed up. Trying to get used to the silence again. Then, they would blow (I do not know HOW they did this) through the vent in the room, the smell of a delicious meal. At dinner time it would be a freshly cooked steak, or some kind of meat; maybe potroast or something. Then the smell of fresh mashed potatoes, things like that. This same thing would go on during breakfast, lunch, and, of course, dinner time. Between those times, I would call them the 'Food Times, I would hear that blaring hard rock, horrid, music again. This went on for 3 days. And I was never fed during those 3 day's either. So, you could imagine how horrible it was on the last day. I was finally fed on the last day, too. When I had digested the food, there was no restroom, so I had to 'go' in the room. I picked a corner of the room. I remember the far corner behind me to the left. Since I had zero clothes on, I was constantly freezing. Come to find out, they had the air conditioning on at 60 degrees. It blew ALL DAY. After the air conditioning and the smell of food, after I hadn't eaten in 3 day's, it stopped. No more super freezing air and no more food smell. By that time, I was so desperate, I was either crying or laughing hysterically. This was after 1 month of this. Going on 24/7. No breaks, no shower, nothing. Finally, after 3 months of this, the lights dimmed to a 'normal' lighting arrangement, the music, to me at least, was quieter, and I was being fed, gradually, but every day. After a full week of this (seven day's) my father walked in. I looked up expectantly and stood up and ran into his arm's. He made it that way so that it looked like He was my 'rescuer' or 'savior'. It was all mind games, mind games, mind games. All to the end of that. My father being my rescuer.

One of the other major training sessions I had was 'How To Fight... Like A Man'. This included me learning how to fight. With your fist's. They wanted me to be able to basically fight men, other member's of The Org., etc. And They gave their all as did I. After my trining session's. It finally got to the point where I could 'beat up' a man, a woman, anybody, really. In case I did actually get caught on one of my 'missions' overseas. I remember one day, my father's main bodyguard, who is tall as Hell and worked out everyday, would come into the 'work-out' room. Or, during one of these excersises, the actual Fighting Excersises, it was usually held in my father's Gym. Of course, like always, They would all be there. Just to watch. He was told to fight me, physically, like he was fighting a grown man. At this point, I had only two day's of training. So, basically, none at all. I was beat to a literal pulp. Bloody, broken, nose, jaw, ribs, and my left arm. My arm was a compound fracture. But since my father had his own personal surgeon/doctor, my arm was operated on at my father's home. So as not to, obviously, cause any unwanted attention.

Basically all of my training were things of that sort. I learned how to Fence. My father taught me that all himself. He was a great Fencer and he wanted me to be one too. Swords are still my passion. I love swords. I used to collect them, actually.         

When you revisited your memories to write this book, what was the experience like?
I knew that it would be a very tough, emotional, roller-coaster ride. I had a lot of years of therapy before I wrote this book. And since having my son and being married, yes, in that order, :) it made me grow up in such a way to where I just could NOT believe that a child should, let alone could, be brought up this way. Not to mention being put through ALL of this by one of your parent's. At that time, looking at my son and just thinking about his gifted life, and then comparing his to my life at his age, I knew it was time to write it. I HAD to let other parent's know who was out there and what they did and do and will continue to do. I wanted them to not be ignorant on this subject at all. So, I had to figure out a way to write this book and keep me and my son safe. But, my son first and foremost. I knew my husband would try his damndest to keep both of us safe. So, I just thought, 'Screw it. I am doing this now. And I did. And, like I thought, it WAS an emotional roller-coaster. But I got through it alright. I feel that I can get through anything pretty much. Now anyway.   

How do you think reading your book will impact people?

I would hope that, mostly, it will open their eye's. I hope that they will, at first, not believe what 'this girl' endured. But at the same time, be thankful that they did read it and know that they have a new 'box' of knowledge in their mind. They will know what to look for if their child/young adult gets involved in something like this. The sign's are almost exactly the same as if they started using drugs. They get distant, not talk or share as much as they used too about their day at school/college. The hard part, though, about this sort of thing, is that once kids are IN college, they are by law, adults. The LAST thing that they want to do is share with their family. Hell, they had to do that when they were in Elementary up to Senior year in High School. If they say that they are 'too busy to come home for a certain holiday'... one where they ALWAYS came home. That could be a sign. I say 'could' because they could actually have something going on with friends that is totally normal. I don't want every parent who reads this book to become paranoid. And then possibly get all in their young adult's lives 'all of a sudden'. Then their kid's will back off on purpose. Just to be rebellious. 

What do you have in mind for your next writing project?
Well, since this book was my first. IS my first, and it ends when I am still trying to keep my father and especially THEY at bay, I would like to write a follow up to it. It just depends on how it goes. IF I had to write something totally different? Probably FICTION! Something not so close to home. That would be nice.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?

I would first like to thank them immensely for buying AND reading it. If some of them are a tad bit 'squeamish' at heart? Please read a little at a time. But, mostly, I would like them to take away the knowledge of what I have said before. This IS going on. Every day, every hour, every week and every minute. I have an idea of where ALL of these 'missing' kid's' are. After you read my book, you will too. Just try convincing the police. Let alone FINDING Them. Or where THEY are. They are everywhere. But the one's that would most likely get caught are the recruits. Who know absolutely nothing about the inner workings of this Group, Cult, Order, whatever you want to call 'They'. Catching Them, and I can tell you this from actual experience, will be basically, IMPOSSIBLE. One hundred percent. I just hope that they are aware of their child's involvement before they are so wrapped up in it that they will never see them or hear from them again. EVER.
That's about it. Thank you. 

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Interview with Blogger Kelly Cox

kelly cox, christian blog, debt free living, homemaking blog, homemaking, home life, debt free college

Today we're interviewing Kelly Cox, founder of Kelly Cox at Home, a blog about debt-free living, Christianity, and home life.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a Christ follower, blessed wife, and lover of all things HOME!  My heart is passionate about the Lord, our family, debt-free living and all things that make up and happen in our home.  Also, I’m completely crazy about my husband and thankful to do this journey called life with him.

Describe your blog for readers unfamiliar with it.
My blog covers tips, techniques and ideas on how to budget, save money, live below your means, and to be debt free.  Also, I share my passion for the Lord, scripture and how I enjoy to manage and maintain our home. 

What inspired you to start a blog on Christianity, debt-free living, and other aspects of your life at home?
My hope is to have a home business one day, and this blog is the first steps toward that goal.  I enjoy to write, journal and have even done some public speaking and training during my career.  I hope to inspire others to live debt free, give more, save money and manage their homes heartily unto the Lord.  Looking around me, I notice people restricted by debt and their financial decisions.  I believe with hard work, a budget and a willingness to change that people can move toward financial freedom which would be a blessing in their homes.  As a Christian, I love to study the Bible and what it says about money, family and the home. 

You have a section on your blog about attending college debt-free. Can you tell us a bit about your experience with attending college without debt?
When I was 18 years old, I had the desire to pay for college debt free.  My parents were not able to help me financially with my education so I worked hard to obtain every scholarship possible.  God blessed my efforts!  However, I had to attend community college and live at home so I wouldn’t have to take out any loans.  Thankfully, I chose to live at home and my scholarships paid for my first 2 years and then I transferred to a state university to complete my 4 year degree.  I worked full time, continued to utilize my scholarship money and paid for my education without taking out ANY loans!  I am so grateful that I heeded the warning of Proverbs 22:7 where it says the “borrower is servant to the lender.”  I chose a different path and have never regretted the decision. 

How do you decide what to blog about?
I have a long list of ideas that I want to write about and I’ve not run out yet!  Plus, I’m always adding to the list as I think of new topics.  My goal is to write about things that God has shown me and hope it will bless others.  Also, I’m learning new tips and techniques for our home all the time and enjoy to share them as I feel led. 

You sometimes feature guest posts on your blog. How does an interested person find out more about this?
Several of my site’s guest blog submittals are from a Christian Blogger Facebook group that I joined called The Peony Project.  I’ve added a page on my blog where people can get more information to submit a guest post for consideration.  Recently, I’ve enjoyed guest posting on sites like Money Saving Mom and Sarah Titus, both because it was an honor and increased my blog’s traffic.  YAY!

Is it difficult to balance blogging with family life?
Sometimes the balance is tough!  I’ve had to learn how to manage my time more wisely.  Time with God and our family is top priority in our home.  I keep a list of goals for the day, week and month and try to be sure to keep my blog work in line with what’s most important.  Since I began this site, I’ve changed my blog routine several times and have become more efficient.

How do you hope to impact your readers?
I hope to encourage, inspire and bless them.  I pray that God will guide my words, topics and thoughts and channel them to be a help at the right time for someone.  Hopefully, the blog will give ideas to people on how to manage their finances and home in a way that blesses them and brings the Lord glory.

Is there anything you'd like to add?
My blog journey has just begun and I look forward to building the site and readership.  Please feel free to follow my blog on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!  Also, I welcome comments on my site and try to always write you back!  Email me any questions or topics that you’d like to hear more about.  Blessings!

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Amalia Moerman Pavlidi, Soprano, Teacher & Vocal Academy Founder

Amalia Moerman Pavlidi is a soprano, singing teacher, yoga instructor, and founder of Pavlidi Vocal Academy.

Tell us a bit about your background in music.
I have studied classical singing in Florence Italy. I have studied music theory grade 8 and piano until grade 6. In 2014 I have obtained my diploma in vocal coaching from London with Ria Keen.
I have done performances all over Europe. Last year I signed a contract with a famous ageny which took me a step further to my stage career.

What inspired you to take your love of music a step further and start a vocal academy?
My passion for it! I want to help singers or singing students become complete performers.

What classes or instruction do you offer?
We do offer classical singing classes, contemporary singing classes, music theory classes, piano for singer classes, yoga for singers, musical classes for kids, and vocal coaching classes.

Soprano Amalia Moerman Pavlidi.
What experience level do you teach? Do you teach absolute amateurs?
We do teach all levels, from complete beginners to professionals.

In addition to working with students in your studio, you do workshops and seminars online. Tell us about them.
We do offer online workshops which are mostly theoretical. This helps students to know more about singing, about vocal studies about their bodies. We launched it 6 months ago and we already had 2 with huge success. Distance learning worhshops give you the opportunity to learn from wherever you are.

What’s the most rewarding thing about teaching students?
When I see their effort and then their improvement and love and passion for our work.

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions people have about singing lessons?

Most people come and think it is an easy thing to do! You just open your mouth and sing...No!
Singing is a serious art and you need to be determined and committed. To be able to sing you need first to learn technique, to learn how your body works, to learn theory of music, to learn aural skills and in the end to combine all your knowledge and add your soul to your song.

One of the more unique classes you offer is yoga for singers. What benefit does yoga have on singers?
I am very happy for this question. I have studied Yoga and massage therapy. I have noticed so many benefits that I decided to add it to our programs. Yoga is a way to discover optimum body alignment, breathing and metal focus. Some of the  benefits for a singer are:
1.    Increases metal focus.
2.    Improves flexibility, strength, posture and
3.    releases tension from the body.
4.    Relaxes the nervous system
5.    increases body awareness
6.    Give lungs room to breathe

For someone interested in contacting you about taking lessons, how should they do that?

In our webiste we have a contact form a student can dirreclty from there send us a message.
We do also provide our email adress .

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to talk about my work.

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