Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cut Dog Music, Rap/Hip-Hop Group

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Today we are interviewing CUT DOG MUSIC, a passionate new rap group.

Tell us a bit about how Cut Dog Music got started.
CDM was started about 4 years ago. At first we just wanted to make music for fun. Our producer had been making beats for a long time so we always had beats to rap to. We all were in college at the time so any free time we had we would link up and make music. The group started with 3 of us originally but as time went on we discovered that our other friends could rap as well.

What are CDM’s influences?
I say this all the time but we really inspire and influence each other. Everyday and not just in music. We are like a family so we always think about each others opinion and try to incorporate each others swag into every song.

What is the process of working on a track like for CDM?

The overall process isn’t a long one. Basically we find a beat and kill it. Who ever comes up with the dopest hook first gets the hook. And writing verses are nothing, sometime we freestyle verses.

Do CDM members produce their own music or does CDM work with an outside producer?
We do have our own producer but until we break into the industry fully we are working with outside producers. And we are always looking for new sounds.

What does CDM hope to accomplish with their music?
We really want to travel and reach different parts of the world. Reaching the Billboards wouldn’t be too bad either but we are just taking it one track at a time and really saying humble.

Where can people find out more about CDM?
They check our website which will be updated every step. ( CUTDOGMUSIC.COM ) Or our Twitter and Instagram ( @cutdogmusic ) but everything is linked to our website so that should be easy.

What’s next for CDM?
We have about 100 unreleased tracks ready to go so we are going to wait until the dust settles from this album and then release another project to keep our name out there .

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Yes. Go to and Check out the new self titled album by the newest group to hit the scene CDM. If you like it go get it at all digital media outlets. Thanks for your time

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