Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Barry Helguson, Independent Mortgage Broker

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Barry Helguson is an Independent Mortgage Broker with the City Mortgage Advisor team.

Hi Barry, can you tell us a bit about yourself and what kind of services the City Mortgage Advisor team can provide to people in Bournemouth and Dorset in the UK? 
Thanks for the interview opportunity! We are an independent mortgage broker company and are able to give our clients access to the best deals on mortgages around the UK. Because we are independent it means we are not tied into any particular lender, so can always shop around for people who want to buy a new property.  We work with all of the mortgage companies in the UK.

What areas do you cover in the United Kingdom?
Well, whilst our office is based in Bournemouth which is in the county of Dorset, we are actually able to help anyone around the UK. We find though that when working as a mortgage broker is best to be able to offer a face to face service so most of our clients will be in Dorset and use us as their Bournemouth mortgage broker.  You can see the full list of local areas that we cover on the side bar of our website on www.citymortgageadvisor.co.uk.

The Bournemouth City Mortgage Advisor team is not tied into one particular group of suppliers. What is the advantage of this?
It simply means that unlike most mortgage brokers we are independent.  Because of that we can search through every single offer to suit the circumstances of our customers.  They won’t get pushed towards a certain mortgage supplier and will benefit from only ever getting the best available mortgage rates to suit them and their situation.

Describe an initial meeting when someone is coming to you for your mortgage broker services in your Bournemouth office.
Firstly they will be asked to fill out a contact sheet.  This lets us know more about their financial circumstances and what they want from a mortgage.  Based on that we will then get them into a typical 30 minute meeting with one of our Bournemouth mortgage brokers.  Once that initial meeting is over, our mortgage brokers will get out there and start searching for the best deal for them.
How do you ensure your advisors are constantly up to date with the very latest packages and rates available through the UK housing market?
We have a database system that pulls live data from all the mortgage lenders and banks in the UK.  This means that our mortgage brokers in the Bournemouth office have the very latest information available at their fingertips when it’s needed.
What are some reasons clients should choose you for mortgage advice and brokering in the Bournemouth area?
We are a friendly team with over 20 years of experience in the mortgage market.  Not only that but we all live in Bournemouth and attended the local University.  This means we have a knowledge of the local housing market which I think is key when working with a mortgage broker.
Could you tell us about the Help to Buy Scheme in Bournemouth and how it helps first time buyers get onto the property ladder?
So glad you asked! Help to Buy lets those people who wouldn’t normally be able to get onto the housing market due to not having any property equity do so, but with a much lower deposit than normal buyers.  People can come to us with a small initial deposit and we will get them into the Help to Buy Scheme and show them the available properties they could potentially buy.  The Help to Buy Scheme is funded by the Government and it’s a great idea.  More information is available on our website.

For someone interested in getting in touch with the City Mortgage Advisor team, how do they contact you?
As with most companies in this day and age, our website should be the first port of call.  It has everything you would want to know about us including all of the best contact details for getting in touch.

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