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Leonardo C. de Almeida, Picture to People

pencil sketch photo effect, leonardo de almeida
Picture to People's realistic pencil sketch photo effect.
Leonardo C. de Almeida is the project leader for Picture to People, a design portal with thousands of graphic apps with self-delivery.
Tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm a computer science bachelor who has a big passion for Mathematics and mainly Computer Graphics. I started my career as a software developer more than 20 years ago. I have been working with many kinds of development projects, but I never stopped being involved with all areas of computer graphics, from digital image processing to 3D modeling and rendering.

Describe Picture to People in a few sentences.
Picture to People (that users kindly started calling as "P2P") is a huge technology project mainly focused on computer graphics researches and related software developments. The created softwares are usually released as free graphic design apps to be used online. After several years of hard work, it already offers thousands of Online Photo Editor Apps, a big collection of Online Logo Maker Apps and many other graphic and image utilities. Everything is easy to use, fast and free.

Who could benefit from using Picture to People?
Since Picture to People project already offers a plethora of different design apps and generates production quality graphics, any kind of person can benefit of its applications, from casual image manipulators to experienced designers. Besides, the project aims to have a side of social inclusion: we make a big effort to keep the software interfaces simple, so they can be used even by people from poor countries that use old computers.

What inspired you to start Picture to People?

My main inspiration is my love to computer graphics. It's a gift the chance we have to use our scientific knowledge to create softwares able to design amazing images to entertain, delight and help other people through worked photos, titles, logos, banners, effects, games, presentations and so many other possibilities. Moreover, my complete disappointment with the current free graphic softwares in the market, mainly the online ones, compelled me to give my contribution by creating a different design software development project.
water color effect generator, leonardo de almeida
P2P's water color effect generator.

Why was it important for Picture to People to be coded entirely from scratch?
Because, since computer graphics is a very complex area, who uses software from others usually doesn't have the deep knowledge needed to create really advanced products and features - just who develops from scratch has the total understanding of how things work. Other important point to regard is that, since we have full control of all graphic softwares used in P2P development, we have the real freedom to create all design apps we can imagine.

Do you think apps, such as Instagram, have increased interest in online photo editors and filters?

Absolutely. Despite Instagram photo filters are very trivial, any social platform related to sharing images helps to foster and increase the digital photography market in several ways.

With nearly 1,000,000 visits a month, Picture to People has really been embraced by users. Why do you think people have responded so strongly to it?
Probably the main reason is because P2P offers really high quality graphics. There are many online graphic tools out there, but usually they can't create production level images. Besides, Picture to People already released, by far, the world's biggest collection of online design applications, so users have much more chance to get a top graphic as they want. Finally, but not less important, our site has many creative design softwares we researched to be used in this project, so these exclusive graphic apps are a very worthy advantage.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I would like to thank all our users and encourage them to keep giving us valuable suggestions to improve our services. I would also like to thank you for this interesting interview with relevant questions.

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