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Matthew C. Martino, Entrepreneur, Film Executive, MMBF Trust Founder

matthew c. martino, matthew c martino, mmbf trust
UK-based Matthew C. Martino is an entrepreneur, film executive and founder of the MMBF trust.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a film executive and philanthropist currently based in the UK, 22years old. I'm currently working with my charity MMBF Trust and also actively get involved in community and charity projects around the world. I've authored two books in my early years which are Lets Fly a pilots manual and Go For It a business skills book for entrepreneurs.

You have a strong background in aviation, having written a book, designed an app, and created an Internet resource, among other aviation related endeavors. Can you tell us about the development of your interest in aviation?
Aviation and flying has always been something I felt strongly about, I wanted to be a pilot from a young age growing up in Zimbabwe and when I was in the UK and got the opportunity to do flying lessons and aviation courses I thought it was only right for me to give back and to create resources that will help develop the future of aviation.

matthew c. martino, mmbf trust
You’re also very active in the film industry. What inspired you to become an actor/filmmaker?
I think with the film industry I had a few friends that were acting whilst I was in high school so when I left school I thought let me give it a try, I never thought I would get as far as I managed to and a part of me still feels that I could still go further if I allocate time to the industry.

As an active philanthropist, you recently founded the MMBF Trust. What was it like founding this organization and how does it benefit others?
It was a lot of hardwork founding MMBF Trust, I didn't have too much experience in starting a charity I had only been trustee for other charities. MMBF Trust supports aspiring pilots, actors and filmmakers through grants and bursaries towards their studies. We are currently operating internationally and accept applications directly from individuals.

The MMBF trust has partnered with a number of film festivals to provide Rising Star awards. Can you tell us a bit about this partnership?
Yes the MMBF Rising Star Award has been a pilot program we have introduced with various film festivals. What we aim to do with these partnerships is adding value to the film festivals and also providing more of an incentive for filmmakers to enter their films into the festivals running this scheme.

matthew martino, mmbf trust
Has your experience growing up in Zimbabwe and later moving to the UK influenced your endeavors?
I think it has personally, I think as I grew up in Zimbabwe we were always brought up to be hungry and to aim high, and when you come from nothing you really have nothing to lose so you go for it with everything you got, that's pretty much how I operate.

What are your goals for the next ten years?
Next 10 years I haven't really thought that far to be honest, I hope to grow MMBF Trust and also actively be involved in community empowering projects, I want to be doing charity work on the front-line. I regularly volunteer with charities and help with hands on activities but hopefully in coming years I can devote more time to charitable projects.

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