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An Interview with the Author of DESTINY

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We are sharing our favorite past interviews! This interview, from 2015, features Charlene A. Wilson -- the author of the sci-fi/fantasy romance novel Destiny, book 3 in the Cornerstone Deep series.

Describe the plot of Destiny in a few sentences.
Destiny is the third book in the Cornerstone Deep series...

Angels, Gods, High Ones… Could anything else find its way into the prophecy caused by their father, Sylis Shilo, the renowned realm traveler? Vincent understands there were things in his father’s work he wasn’t privy to simply because his soul was too young, but how could this be kept a secret from even his brothers? The more he learns, the more he’s glad he hadn’t known.

The sentinels of Cornerstone Deep are in for their most difficult challenge yet. The portal to the Spectrum of the Realms must be sealed, and punishments must be carried out. Will the Gods take all that is dear to Vincent, James, and Cole Shilo?

In this book, Vincent discovers some of the things his father kept secret. Without giving too much away, how does his discovery impact his view of his father?
The Shilo brothers find that their father, Sylis, the renowned realm traveler, kept many secrets. It absolutely bashes the image of a loving parent seeking to do good in the name of humanity. In fact, Vincent is sickened by his father’s deceit. And now because of what he had done, the brothers must pick up the pieces in a foreign realm.

Vincent, James, and Cole have a very unique relationship with each other. Were you inspired by siblings you’ve met?

These three didn’t come from a pattern of siblings. This series developed around a dream I had long ago. The three “reapers” in the dream turned out to be my heroes in the story. How odd is that?

Who was your favorite character to write in Destiny?
I love all my characters but in Destiny I got to focus more on Vincent’s wife, Elaina, than in any of the other books. She’s sweet as they come, na├»ve, and discovers while prayers are answered, it might not turn out as we expect it to. Also, we have a new character in Destiny, the boys’ Uncle Rhune. He was a hoot to write. Bigger than life and charismatic, Rhune drags up much of the information the guys wish they didn’t need to know about.

Cornerstone Deep is a series that blends elements from sci-fi, fantasy, and romance. Do you try to keep these elements in balance or do you just let the story flow organically?
In this story, the elements blend naturally. I didn’t need to concentrate on making them level. It’s their world, it’s how things are. Magic, dimensions, rebirth, and soul mates are just part of it all. Oh and we can’t forget those Gods!

A fan said that Echoes, book 2 of the series, leaves the reader “reeling from the mind-blowing revelations and truly surprising twists of fate.”

Can fans expect the same level of twists and turns in Destiny?
Oh, yes! There are many twists that the Shilos face in Destiny and they’ll find this book fast paced… so don’t expect many potty breaks. (wink)

Do you think you’ve evolved as a writer since you started the series?
Yes, I think we all evolve as we learn and apply what it to our writing.

How do you feel about the increasing popularity of ebooks?
I think it’s a wonderful way to share our books. March on progress!

What are your goals as a writer for the next ten years?
I would love to have the rest of my other series, Aumelan, published. Also the next series that takes off from Cornerstone Deep, Midway Summit. Those are my base goals. I have several others waiting on the sidelines to see publication.

Have your family and friends been supportive of your writing?
The have been wonderful! My daughters are proud to have an author mom. And with Aumelan now on the market, they get to have that series in their school library.

Have you ever had writer's block?
Sometimes I just need to take some time off to regroup. So when writer’s block hits, I go to my bookshelf and choose a nice book to get lost in. It helps free my imagination!

What do you have in mind for your next writing project?
Book two of my Aumelan series is written and in terrible need of revision. It’s a monster of a job I’m facing with that one, so it will be the one I spear head next.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?
Destiny is the third book in the Cornerstone Deep series. This series is best read sequentially. If you enjoy magic, true love, heroes that fight for the one they love at all cost, angels, Gods, rebirth, soul mates and… well… hot guys, there you have it. Enjoy!

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