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JAANTE, a multi-brand fashion showroom located in Belgium and in Switzerland

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Today we are speaking with Sonia about JAANTE, a multi-brand fashion showroom located in Belgium and in Switzerland, showcasing and representing Premium Ethical & Sustainable brands and Top emerging designers.

What sets JAANTE apart from other boutique showrooms?
JAANTE | Multi-brand fashion showroom concept (Agentuur) and Communication agency located in Belgium and in Switzerland specialized on top emerging designers luxury sustainable labels, and premium brands, connecting them with international buyers, boutiques, celebrities and editorial placements.

Working with ethical & sustainable brands is a big part of JAANTE’s business. Why is this important for the consumer?
Our founder, Julie Atenda wanted to create a new concept that encompasses two markets: the brands/buyers (B2B) and the consumer (B2C). For the designers and the brands, JAANTE represents a creative community of remarkable talent and for the consumers; it is a premium brand of sustainable. 

The fashion industry is one of the biggest wasteful industry (as the oil industry). There are pesticides that are used on growing cotton, chemicals and dyes used to color clothing, tons of water now contaminated with these foreign bodies, energy that is used to power machines, and landfills that are filled with old clothing. You can never forget about the animals killed for their fur and hide. 

At JAANTE, we care about our planet and we do not ignore these startling facts. And we do not want to represent brands that are more focused on getting as much product to the consumers as possible in the quickest amount of time. Mainly we need to understand the vision and mission of the brand and see if their values fit with our principles. It needs to be a non-massive brand, preference for either sustainable, eco-friendly combining their design, work with the innovation and/or craftsmanship artisanal. 

Here a list of some of the brands that we are representing and actually have within our portfolio – BRINKLEYWOOL, LOLA ANTOINE, TINY INK, VICKEN DERDERIAN, MAREN DESIGNS, TALABAYA, VERAROAD, ROYAL BEAST DESIGN, MONOKROME... Most of the brands that we represent produced their products/clothing in Europe with sustainable.  

Two of our knitwear brands produce outside Europe. Producing in Peru, the Dutch brand GRACIELA HUAM create with Alpaca wool and the other knitwear brand BRINKLEY who uses sheep wool from Lebanon. Both brands produce their clothing handmade by the local artisans using the traditional techniques. In that way, they support their respective local community. 
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One of the great things about JAANTE is it offers fashion from around the world. What are some of the advantages of having this global perspective on fashion?
Besides being Premium labels, the brands that JAANTE represents in the showroom-boutique are sustainable fashion brands. Part of their strengths resides on their brand authenticity through their positive impacts upon the fashion industry and environmental well being. The second, I would say by the ‘awareness’ of the brand as most of them have a high acceptation and perceptions from not only from the fashion consumers but also from the general public. 

JAANTE provides both b2b/b2c platforms. Can you talk a bit about these for people new to the concept?
Fashion Showroom & concept store – a retail and b2b/b2c platform that acts as a PR Agency and showroom boutique representing and showcasing top emerging designers and sustainable luxury brand new and across to the European market.

JAANTE challenge was to create a new brand & showroom concept that could encompass two markets: the DESIGNERS / BRANDS and the CONSUMERS. For the DESIGNERS/BRANDS, JAANTE represents an exclusive community of remarkable talent and for the CONSUMERS; it is a premium brand of fashion.

For the B2B platform, do you use press and social media for promotion?

What are some things clients should keep in mind when choosing a boutique showroom to work with?
The special feature of JAANTE is that the designers are chosen very selectively, and thus the overall presentation and the image of the showroom is shown at a high level. JAANTE points always to the core of the business and its contact are well selected and maintained with constant contacts with the main buyers whether or not they come from JAANTE or from the trade; they have been always attracted by JAANTE brand awareness.

Our goal is to discover brands not yet known (non-massive) by our customers around the world. We offer consumers premium brands at fair prices comparing brands prices with similar products on the market to ensure we select those that offer fair and reasonable prices.
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What is the most satisfying thing about working with you clients?
JAANTE showcases local and international fashion designers, and is in constant search of emerging talent with a unique style and vision. We aim to discover great brands, not yet known to our customers, from all over the world. 

Premium brands at correct prices. We offer great pieces at great prices, whether full price or discounted. We compare the brands' prices to similar products in the market to ensure we only select those that offer fair and reasonable prices for the products.

Where you can find more about JAANTE?

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